Additional Support Services

Antenatal Doula Support

Postpartum Doulas in Maryland

Pregnancy can be a stressful time for you, both physically and emotionally. What if you could have a professional, trusted resource for all things pregnancy, child birth and baby related, right in your home? That is exactly what Antenatal Doula Support can be! 

Support can look different depending upon the needs of you and your family. In one shift, your doula could assist with laundering and sorting baby clothes while you chat about breastfeeding, then prepping tasty, healthy lunches and snacks. The next shift could include tidying the kitchen, making breakfast and helping create a meal plan for the week. Antenatal shifts are available for 3, 5 or 8 hour durations at $30/hour. 

Additional services could include: sibling transition tips, assistance with creating a registry, light housekeeping, nursery staging and organization, baby gear assembly, meal prep or running errands. Most of all, your Antenatal Doula is a compassionate, nonjudgmental resources and listening ear; a mother who can understand and empathize with the excitement, frustration and joy experienced during this stage of life. 

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Sibling Doulas

Sibling Doula in Baltimore

Often one of the most difficult and concerning decisions during your pregnancy is who will be available to care for your older children during the birth of their new sibling. That's where a sibling doula comes in! Our doulas are available for your family 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to help ease the transition. 

In order to be familiar with your family's routine and schedule, your doula will visit with your family 2 to 3 times during your pregnancy. This is also to ensure you and more specifically, your children, are comfortable with your doula's presence.  While in your home, your doula can help with easing sibling transitions, meal/snack prep, light housekeeping and care for your children. 

Sibling Doula Support requires a $250 retainer, which includes 3 hours of initial care, then $30/hour.

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Sibling and Antenatal doula support is available for families living in Baltimore, Carroll, Frederick, Howard and Montgomery Counties in Maryland, as well as York and Adams Counties in Pennsylvania.